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We Provide Melbourne Homes with a Stunning Pool Renovation Service

When you need a team with an almost endless wealth of experience to provide your swimming pool with much needed renovations, look no further than the expert team of professionals at Morrison Pool Renovations. We have been in the industry for over 20 years, providing a resurfacing, repairing, and renovation service that has left homeowners more than happy to get back into the water when they once thought the dream was over.

We view your pool as a blank canvas, working our magic and turning it into a work of art. Masters of creation and reinvention, we have created an extensive collection of stunning interiors that work for any style or aesthetic. Whatever you need to take your pool to a whole new level of visual appeal, you can rely on the trustworthy team at Morrisons.

What do we do?

At Morrison’s, we believe that once a pool has started to look like it’s deteriorating, or losing its colour, then that’s not the end of it. In fact, we see this as a great opportunity for change, to breathe new life into the waters of your backyard. We offer a comprehensive list of renovation and repair services. They are as follows:

  • Tiling – We provide pools with a comprehensive retiling, and with our extensive list of custom made interior linings, we’re sure you will find the perfect style to your pool’s aesthetic.
  • Resurfacing – We can provide your pool with a full resurface, using our high-quality products to make it look absolutely good as new, with a sleek and shiny finish that will have people pumped to get into the water.
  • Renovations – we see ourselves as the masters of transformation, meaning that we offer a wide variety of services for changing the look of your pool including shell stripping, water siphoning, solar heating system installations, coping. We also provide our clients with concreting, landscaping, and plumbing services.

Got any questions? Give us a call

If you would like to find out more about our list of services, or would like to book an appointment with our friendly and professional team of staff, feel free to get in touch with Morrison’s. Fill out an enquiry form on contact page or give us a call 1300 069 295. Also, don’t forget to request one of our maintenance brochures for tips on how to provide effective homecare for your pool.